60 vegan capsules

Dr. Kohli’s Shilajit is a rejuvenating tonic, a Rasayana, it helps to increase longevity. It rejuvenates and slows the aging process. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is used to prevent sickness and improve quality of life. Shilajit can also be used before a workout to boost strength and recovery.

Each bottle contains 60 vegan capsules containing 250 mg Shilajit (2.5% Fulvic acid).

Directions: For adults, recommended use is 2 capsules per day, preferably after a meal. For best results, take with milk. Take for a minimum of 90 days
to see beneficial results.


DR Kohli's

When age old Remedies come together with new age science and research, and east meets west, you get some of the most pure, safe and effective products available today. Dr. Kohli’s Bio-Balance Remedies Inc. is proud to produce the most innovative, research and evidence based products of its kind. We believe we can help you achieve better health, naturally! .


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